Lust For Youth – Armida

If you’ve been following Swedish producer Hannes Norrvide’s Lust For Youth project, be prepared for a surprise. On his latest single “Armida” he takes, not just a step, but a leap away from the skeletal, lo-fi patches of industrial-synth Norrvide pleased with on his past two albums. This is pure, classic 80’s synth-pop; with pulsating bass and infectious keyboard hooks that could’ve been lifted of a mid-80’s Pet Shop Boys track. And then there is the haunting, wailing vocals that – up-until the feet-and-soul shaking refrain – takes me back to Desireless’ “Voyage Voyage”. There still exists a subtle, dark undertone on “Armida”, which should find enough followers in the thick of a young, bloodthirsty crowd sweating it to Chvrches cover of Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”.

“Armida” is pure synth-pop magic; warm and ecstatic with the gift of evoking heaps of scattered nostalgia without indulging too much in it. Lust For Youth will release a new album, International, out June 10 via Sacred Bones.

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