The Rosebuds – In My Teeth

Once a married couple, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp has for over a decade created a steady stream of consistent albums under their The Rosebuds moniker. Since their divorce the releases may’ve become farer and wider apart, but the quality hasn’t suffered, as demonstrated on 2011’s Loud Planes Fly Low, their only album of original material since parting ways romantically. It stands as a somber but beautiful account of setting personal quarrels aside to seek resolution and – perhaps most importantly for us who’ve found great pleasure in their music over the years – finding ways for furthering their musical and creative partnership.

2012’s strange cover album of Sade’s Love Deluxe might’ve been a misfire, but last year saw the duo release the wonderfully eerie “Whispers” and now they’ve premiered a new single “In My Teeth” from upcoming album titled Sand + Silence.

While the mood and atmosphere of  “In My Teeth” harks back to the lively spirit of 2008’s Life Like, it’s also their most straightforward indie pop track; catchy, swelling and immaculately layered. The Rosebuds seems to have cast the subdued melodies and melancholy of Loud Planes Fly Low aside for peppy, animated power pop that doesn’t sound like it belongs to any particular decade. I always had a thing for Howards crisp voice that reminds me of a low-pitched James Mercer, and in fact, “In My Teeth” could easily suited the atmosphere on The Shins’ Port of Morrow.  

The Justin Vernon produced Sand + Silence will be released August 5 via Western Vinyl and features the Bon Iver and Volcano Choir frontman playing guitars and keyboards, along Bon Iver bandmate Matt McCaughan on drums and Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso on bass.

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