Terror Pigeon! – Girl!

If you only going to listen to one new band this week, let it be Terror Pigeon! and their pristine and whimsical “Girl!”. Why they spell everything with an exclamation point gets rather obvious when they finally release all the energy and intensity around the halfway mark. From thereon “Girl!” turns into a cacophony of infectious and instantly memorable boy-girl hooks that is easily one of the happiest and most charming moments in music this year. The track plays out like a relationship rollercoaster of highs and lows ending with the highest of sentiment; “There is nothing about you I won’t love!”. Nowhere is “Girl!” cheesy, timeworn or corny. It’s simply an earnest and joyous song that makes you want to fall in love, be in love or fall in love again.

The band formerly known as Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt is releasing their sophomore album Live It Up Before You Die It Up! on Stay Magical September 23. Preorder here.

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