Clockwork Indigo (FBZ+UA) – Butterfly Effect

To coincide with their Electric Koolaid Experience Tour, the Flatbush Zombies and the Underachievers have teamed up for their first official track as Clockwork Indigo, a supergroup working out of New York, otherwise currently known as the Beast Coast. What better way to introduce the group than with ‘Butterfly Effect,’ a grimy track with production pouring out of the Architect’s mind, one filled with haze, density, and soot. It’s this lush soundscape of the mean Flatbush streets that dominates the track, with the Architect not baring any excuse for filling the background with layered effects for each rappers verse. The most prevalent of this comes during Issa Gold’s other-worldly outcry, where the beat drops out only to return a warped creation of its inner-self, with reverb stretching the sound spectrum, as whistles from a distant voice slithers its way in. Elsewhere talk of the group’s dominance, their aspirations for a higher being, and their humble upbringings clutter each verse, before the track concludes with an elongated verbal prose before seguing beautifully into a piano-filled outro.

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