Death in the Afternoon – Let’s Talk

It’s not surprising that Swedish duo Death in the Afternoon eventually found their way on to David Alexander’s Sommarhjärta label. The sentiment of their latest track “Let’s Talk” is strongly reminiscent of the breezy, escapist synth-pop Alexander has been carving out over the past few years under the Summer Heart moniker. But while Summer Heart has that balmy, romantic atmosphere within a loosely defined, sepia-filtered memory of the 80s, “Let’s Talk” is downright groovy and straightforward. As often the case with this type of music, there is a nagging sense that you’ve heard it before, which frankly is part of the purpose of music that wants to jump start our attention of the present by jogging our memory of the pasts. Yet, there is clearly more to “Let’s Talk” than just plain nostalgia. “Let’s Talk” pulls from disparate genres and melds them beautifully together underneath Christian Nanzell’s downy, understated vocals.  If there were such a thing as “disco-wave”, or “chilled-disco”, “Let’s Talk” would serve as an anthem.  Give it a couple of listens, I promise it will stick.

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