Milo – Objectifying Rabbits [ft. Open Mike Eagle]

Milo, soon to reveal his debut album A Toothpaste Suburb to the world later this month through Hellfrye Club, has released the third single to the aforementioned album, ‘Objectifying Rabbits,’ featuring fellow Hellfrye rapper Open Mike Eagle. Milo’s odd and eccentric verbiage, easily a product derived from his time with the collective, is on full effect here. Much was the case with Busdriver’s Perfect Hair, this track is also be littered with nonsensical wordplay only to have serious, often-times depressing undertones. It’s a powerful mix that pits comedy against tragedy, and it works. The pivot from dense verses and sporadic sounds to the chorus, which contains but a simple phrase, “I made you something pretty with my words today,” is as heartwarming as it is intriguing. The previous verse, and the one soon to follow, pack on added weight for the listener as Milo weaves through his de-humanizing lyrics using his clearly spoken voice, all before Open Mike Eagle appears for a verse in an odd, womanly voice, a continuation of his own comedic, oft-kilter Music.

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