Fashawn – Golden State of Mind (ft. Dom Kennedy)

Its been nearly 5 years since one of Hip-Hop most under-appreciated releases stormed through the underground. Fashawn’s Boy Meets World was a captivating release that told the story of a child growing up in the projects, not from a nostalgic look at the past, but acting in the present, as a child witnessing the truth of the world, i.e. boy meets world. And then, Fashawn vanished with few releases to his name to follow. Even his sophomore album, The Ecology, was announced years ago only to be met by silence. However, his long-awaited return may soon be upon us, as “Golden State Of Mind” bears listeners with their first taste of his new project. Here Fashawn reflects on his city and his culture with bright bubbling production, a strong facet of his debut album’s allure, helmed entirely by Exile on the boards. The Fresno-born rapper has the ability to see the positive in things, not negating his city, filled with gangs, violence, and prostitution, for all the bad that encompass it, but to emphasis the good. Dom Kennedy joins him here, along with a female-accompanied chorus that cheers along his “Golden State of mind.” The Ecology is set to release in 2015.

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