Born Gold – I Want To Guard You From Boredom

Unconventional synth-pop musician Cecil Frena aka Born Gold released an imaginative and distinctively different album last year titled I Am An Exit. On “I Want To Guard You From Boredom”, the former Gobble Gobble frontman continues to challenge electronic pop boundaries by fusing rich and highly accessible melodies with epic, earsplitting synths that hit nerves like piercing needles. There always seems to be a tradeoff between beauty and noise in all of Born Gold’s best songs; here it’s manifested through a lovely forlorn piano in the slower parts, while epic cacophonous synths accompanying the chorus. Very few electronic acts can so strikingly lure with catchy pop sentiment, while simultaneously placing clever artistic visions on the table.

“I Want You To Guard You From Boredom” is part of a video + song series that reboots every month around the 22nd with a new song. This is track number 3 in the series. You can catch the former two here.

If you like this, I seriously suggest giving last year’s “Hunger” a go.

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