clipping. – something they don’t know (ft. SB the Moor, Nocando and Open Mike Eagle)

Some of the most crushing hip hop acts of the West Coast scene clash with force on “something they don’t know”. The fractured clamoring cuts from LA producer Baseck yield an anxious backdrop for clipping.’s Daveed Diggs, Open Mike Eagle, Christian A McLaurin (aka Signor Benedick the Moor) and Nocando to spit their lyrically-dense flows on. Most of these acts been involved in some of the most forward thinking hip hop this year; Open Mike Eagle released one of my favorite hip hop full-lengths of 2014; clipping. clinched the top spot of being the most abrasive experimental hip hop outfit in the game; Sinor Bennedick the Moor rapped over noisy patchworks of electro-metal-classical curved sounds on brilliant tracks like “Call of the Wild” and “I. A Boy A Man A King”; and Hellfyre Club label head Nocando recently put out a great new track “Osaka”. On “something they don’t know”, these guys continues to impressively challenge genre boundaries.

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