I still hold WU LYF’s debut and only album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain as one of the best of 2011. Since the band pulled the plug, its various members moved on to other projects like Francis Lung and Los Porcos. Singer Ellery James Roberts went solo last year with the brilliant “Kerou’s Lament” (now only titled “LAMENT.”) before once again dissapearing. A year later, he’s back with a new band LUH (Lost Under Heaven) together with Ebony Horn and a new single “UNITES” that sounds a lot like a synthesis of WU LYF’s grand gestures and “Kerou’s Lament” lush, transcendent vibe. Still no words of an album or in which direction LUH will lead but it’s no question that the screaming prophet of an indifferent world continues his struggle, but this time it’s more personal;

“LUHSONG001; unites is a simple love song.

A song of longing for balance in a world where we slump & grind to a senseless algoriddim of fractious complexity. A song for lovers, numbered by the placid plateau of conform-core modernity. The personal is political as never before, and all those that make the choice to step away sing Luvah’s Song. I wrote this for you, for her, for every longing breath lost under heaven’s refracted light.

are you ready/ to see this world open up before you?”

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