LAST EX – Hotel Blues / Girl Seizure

Last Ex is the instrumental project of Oliver Fairfield and Simon Trottier, perhaps more known as 2/4 of Timber Timbre – the eerie Canadian vintage folk band who turned a lot of heads with their masterful Hot Dreams earlier this year. In 2012, Timber Timbre was prepping a soundtrack for a horror flick Last Ex that eventually got shelved (shame, that is one soundtrack I really would’ve loved to hear. I often imagine Timber Timbre actually scoring a David Lynch film, not just sounding like one). Fairfield and Trottier took over the abandoned project (and apparently its name) and turned it into a full album of staggering rhythms and frightening – but at times also very beautiful – textures.

The latest track to be premiered of the project is titled “Hotel Blues”, a dramatic instrumental that take the ominous ambiance of a Timber Timbre record and revamp it through driving and motoric drum patterns, harrowing guitar slides and fantastic, slightly off-kilter keyboard arpeggios. Make sure to also check out the animated video for “Girl Seizure” below. LAST EX’s self-titled is out now via Constellation Records.

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