Jessica Pratt – Back, Baby

In relation to some of her contemporaries successfully blurring the lines between past and present folk music, I initially felt Jessica Pratt’s self-titled debut came across as unassuming, even a bit forgettable. Two years later, I’ve learned to appreciate her gorgeous, almost hypnotic fingerpicking acoustics, but it was not until a few days ago, when I first heard her new single “Back, Baby”, that I felt excitement – a sense of connection – towards her music. Compared to her self-titled, “Back, Baby” jumps right at you with its conflicting charm; her sad, melancholic memory of a failed relationship contrasted by the optimistic, effortless chords of her guitar. While still not an artist pushing any boundaries, on “Back, Baby” she seems to have found a clearer artistic expression – a charming grace few artists can pull off.

Jessica Pratt’s upcoming album is titled On Your Own Love Again and will be released by Drag City in January.

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