Chromatics – I Can’t Keep Running / Glass Candy – Digital Versicolor

Johnny Jewel keeps digging up previously unreleased gems and alternative versions of staple Chromatics / Glass Candy / Symmetry / Mirage tracks on Soundcloud, almost on a daily basis. I absolutely loved the instrumental version of “Camera” from the After Dark 2 compilation – I always felt the vocals were in a way of the gorgeous instrumentation.

Yesterday, Jewels uploaded a very different version of “Cherry” (from same compilation) titled “I Can’t Keep Running”. With its haunting looped synth lead and funky bass groove, the original gently grew into one of my favorite Chromatics compositions of all time and it’s no surprise it also worked well as the base for one of the year’s most memorable hip hop tracks. “I Can’t Keep Running” essentially works as a stretched-out, near beat-less filmic take on the original, slowly unfolding all the components that are bound to stand the test of time.

Also listen to an extended version of Glass Candy’s unforgetable “Digital Versicolor” below.

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