Tory Lanez - Lucky You (Freestyle)



Song title: Lucky You (Freestyle)

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Tory Lanez – Lucky You (Freestyle)

The beat is dark and ominous, with a mix of trap and hip-hop elements that create a sense of danger and uncertainty. Tory Lanez’s verses are raw and intense, as he raps about his own struggles and experiences in the industry, and how he’s managed to overcome them. He also touches on the theme of being blessed and fortunate for the life he has.

The lyrics are introspective and emotional, with lines like “I was lost but now I’m found” highlighting the theme of overcoming struggles and the importance of perseverance. The song also reflects on the idea of being grateful for the life one has, and how the artist feels blessed for the opportunities and success he has had.

Overall, “Lucky You (Freestyle)” is a hard-hitting and introspective track that showcases Tory Lanez’s unique style and undeniable talents as a rapper. The song is a freestyle over the beat of the popular song “Lucky You” by Eminem ft Joyner Lucas, it’s a reminder to be grateful for the life one has and to never give up. This song is definitely a must-listen for all Tory Lanez fans.

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