Terror Pigeon! – Forget Everything That Makes You Want To Not Be This Band

Just like “Girl!”, this track reminds me of the peaking days of passionate, honest indie rock. “Forget Everything That Makes You Want To Not Be This Band” is gleaming with positive energy, big naïve emotions and a sense of welcome and all-inclusiveness. Perhaps some see this as “a theme song for the musical youth”, but for some of us, Terror Pigeon! evokes nostalgia; those long gone days when being in a band actually felt like a fun thing to be part of. And besides, there’s always something refreshing when stumbling across a band where image, PR and number of downloads at least feels secondary to a genuine love for writing music and endlessly touring the hell out of it.

Look for Terror Pigeon!’s sophomore album Live It Up Before You Die It Up! on Stay Magical September 23. Preorder here.


Best from the inbox: Week 37 2014

Once a week we round up the best music submitted directly by the bands/artists to our mailbox.  Often without a record deal, these are the artists that justify this or any commercial-free blogs existence. Please give them a chance to break through the waves by listening, and if you like what you hear, show your support here or directly to the artists.  


Present Waves – Kings & Queens

”I like the paradox of there being something present but at the same time transient. It is impossible to be in the present since it does not actually exist. It moves in waves. I liked this imagery and though that it applied well to my music. My music was based on me, in the present, recorded and writing in my room. The process happened in waves whether it was acquiring some equipment or re-writing parts. I also like that the moniker can mean other things. Discussing the latter point, all the resources I was getting and creating were literally like presents. Also, brain waves work as an image. On the whole, it is a name a like since it is a timeless concept.

Lyrically, the music explores dreaming and the moments that pass between reality and dreams, and the confusions and epiphanies that arise (think Forever Be, Torn Dress). Those songs also talk of love lost, waiting and ultimately some understanding when things come to pass. Kings and Queens is a look back on my childhood in Toronto, total nostalgia. Wakeup Shot is a song about a man who is too old to move back into the country after living there as a boy: influenced by reading Steinbeck.” – Present Waves


Jenny Dalton – Wolf Named Someday

Read a review of Jenny Dalton’s new album Black Water here.


Pr0files – Luxury

A quick background from a previous post:

“Pr0files showcase a deeper musical awareness than what you would typically expect from your average synth-pop outfit. Both in terms of lyrics and production, there’s a certain substance on display here, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s an experienced duo with a background in several notable projects. As part of the underrated duo Baby Monsters, Danny Sterbaum has created lush electronic based music for what seems like ages, while Lauren has worked with Purity Ring member Corin Roddick and in addition was a member of the now dissolved The Boy Traveler, a trio that also included pre-Skrillex Sonny More and Sterbaum.”


Brook Bentham – We’ll Be Ghosts

Find out more about 18-years old Brook Bentham here



Itasca – After Dawn

I’ve read somewhere Kayla Cohen’s moniker Itasca described as drone-folk, which I kind of liked. I’ve also read her being compared to Lana Del Rey – a weak and empty-headed elucidation – that I didn’t like, let alone understand. The beautiful “After Dawn”, as the rest of her new album Unmoored By The Wind, is trimmed down, intimate folk music of the highest order. Indeed, her voice possess some drone-y qualities that hovers above mournful fingerpicking acoustics; capturing moments that belongs amongst folk music greats like Linda Perhacs and/or Sibylle Baier (as Gorilla vs. Bear so accurately pointed out). Watch for Unmoored By The Wind on Matt Monandile’s (Real Estate, Ducktails) label New Images, out October 15. PreoOrder here.


Francisco The Man – Big Ideas

Francisco The Man returns with “Big Ideas” from their upcoming debut album. If their sublime former single “Progress” loosely recalled the thumping energy of M83 circa “Don’t Save Us From The Flames”, then the guitar-driven “Big Ideas” is frontman Scotty Cantino channeling his inner Billy Corgan.  But don’t mistake them for being rookies; the band has been on-and-off the past seven years but so far failed to put their name on a proper full-length release. Now, Fat Possum (and Small Plates) finally picked them up, so mark October 27 on your calender when their debut album Loose Ends finally will see the light of day.


Ariel Pink – Put Your Number In My Phone

I believe Ariel Pink’s last two albums hold some of the most mind-blowing music of this millennium. His legacy to today’s lo-fi / bedroom climate cannot be understated. Now, I don’t believe we’ll ever get an album as good as Before Today from him ever again, but as long as he keeps giving us breezy, sunlit nostalgia-pop like last years “Hang On to Life” and now “Put Your Number In My Phone”, it hardly matters. And who knows, he might end up proving me wrong. pom pom, a double album featuring 17 songs, is out November 18 via 4AD.